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Canega is a high-quality range of GMO-free, animal feed products that specifically target animal wellness within the livestock feed and pet food markets. Ensuring that world-class sustainable products are brought to you within the feed industry. We’re pioneering canola and coconut meal and formulating various oil blends to meet individual animal requirements. Our in-house laboratory and Research and Development team ensures we meet all legislative standards and adapt to ever-changing needs as well as supplying products to the market that adds value.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a client’s first choice in buying a high quality, safe and premium products for pets and other animals. Our products are formulated to ensure optimal nutrition for overall animal wellness.

We understand what your animal needs and we are not only committed to developing nutritious products, we are committed to helping all livestock and pets live healthy, happy lives. Our innovative products attend to the professional market and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality in product and service.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium animal feed through establishing nutritional diets for overall animal wellness, with feed safety being a critical priority.



Omega 3 is essential for good nutrition, heart health and optimal brain function’